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Woodie ClassifiedsThese ads are a service offered by Old Woodies as an online forum for woodie enthusiasts wishing to buy and sell woodie vehicles, parts, memorabilia and services. Please note that Old Woodies makes no claims for any of the items, buyers or sellers listed - your mileage may vary!

Woodies for Sale

Woody convertible Bug
Woody convertible BugIdaho 'VWOODY' license plates, Custom low profile Wide White Walls on alum.'spokers'. XM radio. Extended factory bumper to bumper warranty until the end of Oct.2010 Heated leather seats. 44,342. miles Loaded with all the great VW extras. A fun ride for only $9,999. Call Rags: 208-946-0560 Cell rags@northidaho.

Woodies Wanted

Wanted: 1933-1934 Ford Woodie
Wanted 1933 1934 Ford Woody any condition considered older restoration, parts car or just a cowl l'll build one if I have to. I have wanted one of these since I was a kid Thanks Ed Crocker call 785 207 6863 tina.crocker62@yahoo.com
Wanted: 1946-1948 Ford Woodie
Have a buyer seeking a premium quality original or nicely restored '46-'48 Ford woodie. Have another buyer looking for a high quality, stock appearing '46-'48 Ford woodie with modern engine/drivetrain.
Call Wes at 480 694-7929.

Woodie Parts & Memorabilia for Sale

For sale 1949-51 Mercury Wood
Hello, I would like to sell a N.O.S. reproduction of '49-'51 Ford-Mercury Wood. This wood is Maple, cut and formed from Original Ford Motor Co. Drawings by Wood Craftsman Larry A. Speet. Inner Plywood not included and minor fitting, sanding and finishing is required. Some pieces are pre-assembled there are no drilled holes. Asking $4500.00 We purchased this set back in the '80's for a project that never happened sadly. Contact: Edith Rittenhouse, edyrittenhouse@live.com

Woodie Parts & Memorabilia Wanted

Wanted 1947 Ford Wagon Latch
Seaching for door latch mechanism for drivers side front door, 1947 Ford wagon. Jim McGuire: mcguire@nashvilleportraits.com
Wanted 1933 Ford back seats
I need two single center seats and one full sized back seat in any condition.....Steve Steranka Email: ssteranka@radcommsystems.com Cell: 416 7262309
Wanted rear door hinge for 1940 ford woody
need rear door hinge for 1940 ford woody and passenger side door latches.....gene orndorff 540-465-3586 jeneo@shentel.net
Wanted 1948 Ford Woodie Wagon, left rear fender, NOS or nice used.
1947 and 1948 are the same, 1941 thru 1946 can be made to work. Please contact: Richard Grace at 404-944-2724. Thank you.
Needed -- lower rear exterior tailgate
I'm restoring a 1950 Chevrolet Deluxe Tin Woodie Wagon. Can accept one that's rusted to cut and weld together with my original to make 'one good one' Steve Arbaugh -- contact stevearbaugh@comcast.net or 312.485.4475

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Ads must be for Woodie vehicles, parts, memorabilia and services. Ads are accepted at the sole discretion of Old Woodies.

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Scam Alert!

We have been informed by several of our advertisers that they have been contacted by people overseas who stated that they wanted to buy their collector car. This sounds very similar to a recent scam that caught one customer of another site. We would like to urge our customers to be cautious. Here's the way the scam reportedly worked:

The advertiser was contacted by some people from Nigeria who stated that they wanted to buy their collector car and sent them a fake cashier's check. The crooks sent more money than the price of the car stating that the extra money was to be sent to someone in the US to ship the car to Africa. The amount of money to be used for shipping was even close to what the actual shipping cost would be. Once the American seller sent the money to the person who was supposed to ship the car they discovered that the original cashier's check was a fake. These individuals lost $8000 of their own money in the scam. Apparently the scam has been tried on others. According to the people who lost their money it can take over three weeks for a bank to realize that a check is fake. They also suggest that you contact the issuing bank and get any verification in writing. The money you save may be your own!

This type of scam is called "4-1-9" fraud after the section of the Nigerian penal code that addresses such schemes. You can find out more about it on the Secret Service Web site. If you have copies of emails from -- or accounts of -- similar encounters, it may be useful to forward them to the Secret Service Financial Crimes Division at 419.fcd@usss.treas.gov.

Anyone who has lost money can contact the FBI and they will assist directly or put you in touch with other federal agencies dealing with African banking scams. Anyone who has been contacted should report to FBI Tips and Public Leads, which will then report the scammers to African authorities.

If you have been contacted by anyone wanting to buy your car with a plan that fits the description above, the folks who were scammed would like to hear from you. They have started a Yahoo group about this matter to discuss it with others who may have encountered these crooks. The more leads they have the better the chances of catching them. To sign up for their Yahoo group click here.

You can read the CBS News Report on the story.

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