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British Woodies - 1950 to 1959

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Land Rover woodie

Mid-century Land Rover gets the woodie treatment, possibly in response to the all-steel Jeep Station Wagon

Source: The Station Wagon Manual, a book by Keith Wisner

1948-1950 Austin Atlantic

A coach-built estate car by Abbotts of Farnham (UK). This 1951 Austin Atlantic estate car was made from a convertible. The Atlantic was built from 1948 to 1950, principally as a convertible and a hardtop saloon. The sleek, flowing lines were an attempt to appeal to the American market.

Photo and information courtesy Austin Works

51fordson_e83w_ford10(1).jpg (61538 bytes)

An unusual 1951 Fordson E83W (Ford 10) woodie utility. Original from new. Very few of these vehicles were bodied in this shooting brake/utility style. Most were liveried as vans or trucks. Drop down half tail gate with hinged swing open top doors. For a view of another Fordson woodie, check the Postwar Woodie Trucks page

For sale in the UK by www.roncobb.com

Cusom bodied 1952 Vauxhall Wyvern
Bermuda 1952 Vauxhall Wyvern 1952 Vauxhall at Canadian Automotive Museum

1952 Vauxhall Wyvern with a custom station wagon body built by Grosvenor Carriage Co, Bermuda. The shortened wagon was created for the McLaughlin (McLaughlin Motor Car Co. & General Motors of Canada) family for use at their estate in Bermuda, where vehicles are subject to size restrictions. The rails are wood and the panels are aluminum painted to give the appearance of wood grain. It is on display at the Canadian Automotive Museum in Oshawa, Ontario.

Courtesy Larry's Grabbag Of Goodies

Austin A70 shooting brake

Austin A70 Countryman.  In matters of estate, where distinguished service is called for and where adaptability is an important factor, the A70 Countryman takes pride of place. On the farm too, its sturdiness will prove equal to the many varied conditions of operation...

Photo courtesy Morris & the Dolp'n
Caption: Austin advertisement seen on Austin Works

Austin A125 Sheerline shooting brake

1952 Austin 125 Sheerline bodied by Zenith Motor & Engineering Works, Ltd
This particular vehicle was specially ordered in 1952 by Bowaters Sales Co., Ltd., of London, S.E.1, who bought it for carrying their overseas visitors to this country.

Built on the conventional A125 four-door saloon/limousine chassis, there is accommodation for eight people. Behind the driving seat there are two folding seats, and behind these is a bench-type seat for three which can be folded flush with the floor boards when not in use, thereby providing considerable luggage space.

Caption & photo: Austin Works

1952 (English) Ford Pilot1952 (English) Ford Pilot

1952 Ford Pilot looked old the day it rolled off the production line. The English Ford Pilot embraced pre-war styling, yet was produced from 1947 to 1954. This rare left-hand drive example was recently at auction on eBay.

Source: eBay Motors

Austin A40

Austin A40 Devon shooting brake was part of the A40 lineup built from 1952 to 1954. This one found its way to Brisbane, Queensland Australia,

Photo and information courtesy Austin Works

Daimler Conquest shooting brake

Daimler Conquest shooting brake used in the UK as a camera car by ITN.

Source: Daimler

allard-p2-safari.jpg (61505 bytes)

1954 Allard P2 Safari - What style!  They don't get any sleeker than this. The V-8 powered Safari could be ordered with either Ford, Mercury or Cadillac engines. Sydney Allard put his P-type saloon on the map by winning the 1952 Monte Carlo Rally giving rise to the claim that 'Allards ate Bentleys for breakfast and Jaguars for tea'. Just ten or eleven Safari estates were built on this hairy saloon chassis from 1952 to 1955, but with a 1½ ton dry weight, its performance was a little handicapped by its stylish body.

Photo courtesyThoroughbred & Classic Cars magazine
Information: Racecar & Motorbase.com

1954-56 morris Oxford Traveller

1954-56 Morris Oxford Traveller

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