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British Woodies - After 1959

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1961 Morris Mini Traveller

Morris Mini Traveller / Austin Mini Countryman

From 1960 the Mini range included a estate car version built on a longer wheelbase which it shared with the Mini Van and Pick-up. The estate came badged as either the Austin Seven Countryman or the Morris Mini Minor Traveller, both versions were identical apart from the badges. The longer wheelbase enabled the Mini estate versions to offer a reasonable load carrying area, which benefited from having a fold flat rear bench seat.

Early Countryman / Travellers came with a wood exterior frame at the rear, similar to the Morris Minor Traveller, although the wood was not structural in any way. The estate Mini's lasted until the 80's and were also available in Clubman fronted versions.

Image from a Morris Mini advertisement
Caption courtesy Motorbase.com

1967 Morris Minor

1967 Morris Minor Traveler

The clever little Morris Minor was a hit from the first time it was shown to the British public. Designed in the mid-Forties by Alec Issigonis, the Minor was introduced at the London Motor Show of 1948 sporting an up-to-the-minute unit constructed body, torsion bar front suspension, rack and pinion steering and a lower center of gravity achieved by using small 5.20 size tires on 14 inch wheels. This revolutionary design was on the cutting edge of small car development and years ahead of the prewar engineering that could be found under most of the European economy cars of the time.

Caption & photo: AutoWire.net

Morris Minor Traveller

This Morris Minor Traveller looks great with wooden panels replacing the original metal sides. A wooden roof rack tops it off.

Photo courtesy Morris & the Dolp'n

landroverbrake-rs.jpg (74536 bytes)     landroverbrake-r.jpg (80599 bytes)

Here's Scott Miller and his Land Rover Series I Shooting brake. This coachbuilt "woody" is a real rarity, and it's no surprise that Scott's Rover was voted the People's Choice award at a recent Mid-Atlantic Land Rover meet.

Caption & photo: RoverWeb

Tryane II construction

Friend Wood's Tryane IITryane II

It certainly is wood, even the chassis is wood! Friend Wood's Tryane II is made in a similar way to a boat, with an internal frame and 1/4 inch wood formed over the frame. This was then sanded flat and fibreglassed. Friend, a furniture maker in Wales, thought wood was obviously the material to use in building his 100mph ultra aerodynamic vehicle. The 900lb three wheeler utilizes a Citroën 2CV drivetrain.

Photos courtesy of OEsterreichischer Citroën Club
Information provided by Stephen Barnes & Steve's 2CV Pages

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