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Weird Woodies

Beyond the bounds of traditional woodies, lurk vehicles with significant amounts of wood — used in ways never imagined by members of the National Woodie Club. Love 'em or hate 'em, you can't deny their creative use of wood.


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Wilma Flintstones Woodie(c) Hanna-Barberra

"Wilma" - a recent take on the original woodie - Fred Flintstone's car.

1926 Peugeot 'skiff'

This photo, taken in 1926, depicts a Peugeot with skiff styling taken to an extreme. Was this an advertising vehicle, or an authentic amphibious craft?

Source: Cars, The Early Years
The Hulton Getty Picture Collection

1946 Chevrolet motorhome

A fascinating 1946 Chevrolet motor home featured in the September 1989 issue of Motorhome Magazine. This vehicle was owner-built from a new chassis over a period of several years soon after WW1. It attracted so much attention on the road that vacation travel was hampered by all of the people gawking and asking questions.

Thanks to Whitney Haist's Art Deco Trucks, a site for 1941-1946 GM trucks

Jeff Courtie's 1948 Oldsmobile dragster

Jeff Courtie's 1948 Oldsmobile AA Fuel Altered dragster was a tough competitor in 1968. The Chrysler hemi-powered woody made the Draglist.com 'All-Time Quickest Fuel Altereds' list.

Photo seen on eBay, Info courtesy Draglist.com

Livio de Marchi's aquatic VW sculptureLivio de Marchi's Mecedes 300SL sculpture

Livio de Marchi is an artist who has gained world-wide renown for his wooden sculptures of everyday objects. The sea-going Volkswagen convertable and Mercedes 300SL coupe are crowd-pleasers.

Source: Livio de Marchi Virtual Museum

Cork Truck

Perfect for hauling cases of wine back from the Napa Valley, the Cork Truck is covered in wine bottle corks. Do you think the driver is more likely to be stopped for DUI?

Woodie motortrike

A wild motortrike conversion gets the woodie treatment and turns heads during bike week in Daytona, Florida.

From an old postcard

1966 Ferrari 330gtc body buck - front 1966 Ferrari 330gtc body buck - left front

1966 Ferrari 365p body buck 1966 Ferrari 500 Superfast body buck

Wooden Ferrari? Yes!  These are original Pininfarina styling bucks for the 1966 Ferrari 330gtc (top row), 1966 Ferrari 365p (bottom left) and 1964 Ferrari 500 Superfast, and were seen at the L'Idea Ferrari exhibit on the grounds of Forte Belvedere overlooking Florence Italy. The forms were used to create hand-crafted bodies.

The Pininfarina site states “Their collaborators often came from the furniture industry, so they were used to working with wood,” observes Tom Tjaarda, an American designer based in Turin since 1959, who worked at Pininfarina for several years. “That is why, when they made the wooden body bucks and styling models, they could easily translate what people like Pininfarina wanted into three-dimensional forms.”

Thanks to Evan Smith & the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association Forum

1983 Nissan

1983 Datsun Sentra with a custom body kit and spoiler made of wood. Taj Jacobs did it all with plywood, glue, brads, and screws. He says "It started out with the spoiler and then I just had to make the rest. This car gets more attention than any Ferrari...I was kinda making fun of all the Civics and stuff with the huge obnoxious body kits, but the fact is even those guys love the car!"

Courtesy Taj Jacobs

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