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Woodworking Links


  • Rick Mack - Producing the very finest new wood.
  • Garrett Wade - Real nice Neander stuff.
  • Hartville Tools - Fairly nice catalog with the exception of that ridiculous Beall table saw blade angling thing they featured on a recent cover.
  • Highland Hardware - In the top ten of must have for Neander and Normite alike.
  • Jesada - Gotta have a routah to do real wooddorking.
  • Lee Valley Tools - Probably the best tool catalog on the market. Like Garrett Wade it's full of tool porn so wear the dark shades. Been meaning to suggest to Leonard that it should ship in a brown wrapper.
  • Tool Crib of the North - Strictly Normite stuff and lately been getting some bad press here ala TrendLines. Good as a price guide when looking for used tools.
  • Woodcraft - Very nice catalog and once upon a time was one of few available.
  • Rocklers/The Woodworker's Store - This single catalog accounts for 75% of the answers to "where do I get" questions here. It's better for it's hardware and accessories than tools though.
  • Seven Corner's Ace Hardware/Tools on Sale - Definitely Normite nirvana. Great one to have as a price guide when looking at used tools. A top ten catalog to have.
  • Crafts Supplies U.S.A. - Woodturning supplies and tools. Another catalog that's been around since day one.
  • Crafts Supplies U.K. - Woodturning for the Brits.
  • Klingspor's Sanding Catalog - Gotta have sandpapah. They also sell a wide array of other things for woodworking.
  • McFeely's - Ya gotta have screws too.
  • William Alden - Good prices and another top ten catalog.
  • Constantine's - Yet another top ten. Things you won't find in other catalogs.
  • Coastal Tool - More Normite heaven.
  • Van Dyke's Restorer's - Another site that's the answer to a lot of questions here.
  • Ball & Ball - Very nice high end period hardware.
  • Colonialworks Hardware - More high end period hardware.
  • Horton Brasses - And yet more high end period hardware.
  • McMaster-Carr - Industrial stuff but a must have.
  • W. W. Grainger - More industrial stuff but doesn't compare to McMaster-Carr.
  • MSC Industrial Supply - In keeping with the McM-C and WWG. This is more for the building your own tools enthusiasts. Good prices for Chinese dial indicators though.
  • Reid Tool Supply - Still even more McM-C and WWG goodies.
  • Luthier's Mercantile Exchange - Don't actually own one of these but for $23 it had better be good.
  • Stewart MacDonald - I'm always surprised to see the tools used by luthiers and some of them are down right inexpensive. Not a bad catalog to have around.

Woodworking Link Lists

  • Old Tool Dealers List Just so the Galoots don't feel left out there's a list of old tool dealers at this site.

Wood Preservation & Finish

Wooden boats aren't wooden cars, but materials & techniques often apply

Raw Wood Sources

(compiled in part by WoodenBoat Publications)


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Most of these links are from the Woodworking FAQ on Robson.org - A great source of information on woodworking. By the way, Neander is a euphemism for old style woodworkers, Normite describes the modern power tool enthusiast.

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