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National Woodie Club

When it comes to woodie clubs, your choice is simple. The National Woodie Club is the only organization serving woodie enthusiasts throughout the world.

Founded by Will O'Neil in 1974, they have grown to over 3,000 members. The club is unique in that it welcomes restored, modified and original woodies of any make and model. "If it's wood, it's good" is the unofficial motto.

You don't need to own a woodie to join - it's a great way to become more knowledgeable before you consider buying or building one. The club's monthly magazine, Woodie Times, is full of articles, news, events, tips and ads for hard to find parts and services. If you have a woodie, or are just thinking about one, membership in the National Woodie Club is a necessity.

And if you are fortunate enough to live in an area served by one of the regional chapters, join the local chapter too. You will be rewarded with plenty of contacts, events and information.

National Woodie Club National Woodie Club
John Lee, Membership Chairman & Editor of Woodie Times
P.O. Box 6134, Lincoln, Nebraska 68506-6134 USA

National Woodie Club Chapters:

Capital District Chapter
c/o Jim Yergin
59 Old Alexandria Turnpike
Warrington, Virginia  208187-9358  USA

Hi-Country Chapter
c/o John Blachowski
2254 So. Kingston Ct.
Aurora, Colorado 80014 USA

Lincoln Log Riders Club
13500 South Bell Road
Lockport, Illinois 60441-8452  USA

Mason Dixon Woodies Club
c/o Larry Zupancic
Jeanette, Pennsylvania,  USA

Northwest Woodies Chapter of the National Woodie Club
c/o Donn Pattinson
10500 SW 11th Drive
Portland, Oregon 97219  USA

San Diego Chapter of the National Woodie Club
c/o Jim Esposito, Membership Chairman & Club Secretary sandiego@nationalwoodieclub.com
San Diego, California  USA

Santa Barbara Chapter of the National Woodie Club
c/o Dan E. Alvis
Santa Barbara, California  USA

Santa Cruz Woodies Club

Southern California Woodies Club
P.O. Box 4533
San Clemente, California  92674  USA

Southwest Woodie Chapter of the National Woodie Club
c/o James deVoss
PO Box 25997
Scottsdale, Arizona  85255  USA

Yankee Wood Chapter of the National Woodie Club
c/o Maria Maurer
P.O. Box 653
Dover, Massachusetts 02300  USA

Town & Country Owners Registry
"The promotion, restoration and preservation of the Chrysler Town and Country automobile 1941 thru 1950, including the 1949 and 1950 Royal wagons.... Every attempt will be made to provide its members with useful information, with regard to history, restoration, parts sources, and general related items"

John Slusar PMB #121
10240 West National Ave.
West Allis, WI 53227-2029
Timber Tales Editor:
Bob Porter
12540 Edgewater Drive
Lakewood, OH 44107
fax: 216-228-0465

UK Woodie Car Club

This club was formed in late in 2000 to cater for those people in the UK with an interest in the restoration or preservation of wooden-bodied station wagons, estate cars and shooting brakes. The UK has a rich history of numerous specialist coachbuilders building Woodies during the 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s. While many Woodies were built on brand new chassis and offered by major automakers as part of their new product range, even more were built by the hundreds of specialist body builders to meet the needs of specific owners.

In addition, many cars and pickups were converted during WWII when petrol rationing guidelines meant that owners of `commercial vehicles' were entitled to more fuel. As Woodies were classified as commercials, owners of everything from Rolls-Royces through to humble Fords often took a saw to their vehicles to gain more fuel.

The club is still small, but is slowly expanding and caters for both original and modified cars - the main criteria being that they have a wooden framed body. With limited members no meetings are planned for 2001, although many members display their cars individually at car shows around the UK. However, the club does plan to start organising club displays in 2002.

A newsletter is produced 2-3 times a year - usually when there is enough material - and best of all membership is free.

Woodie Car Club UK
c/o Colin Peck
Maple Lodge
15 Hampden Hill

Internet Discussion Groups

Woodies Discussion Forum & Classifieds at the National Woodie Club web site

Woodies Email Discussion List on Yahoo! Groups.

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